Settling In

Sorry about the radio silence everyone! There has just been so much to take in!

We have explored a little bit of Raipur – mostly restaurants, I must admit. But we have had a few little adventures, which mostly involves trying to safely walk across a road. The best advice that we have received is to wait until a local is trying to cross the street and go at the same time as they do. Also, once you start crossing the street, don’t stop. The cars expect you to keep moving and plot their course accordingly. And one tip I picked up myself while watching the locals: point your arm towards the oncoming traffic, palm up and facing them, in the universal “please for god’s sake stop” motion.

I’d like to post some videos of us trying to cross the street, but I need to ask the videoers if I can upload to YouTube. So stay tuned, there may be an update to this post. For a sneak peek, I did post them to Facebook and made them public, so you may be able to see them at this link:


Settling In

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